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Hosting school: Srednja škola Andrije Ljudevita Adamića (Croatia)
Date: 15/07/2019 - 21/07/2019

From 15 to 21 July 2018 the Third Transnational Project Meeting of partners working at the project 2017-1-AT01-KA219-034993 "Let’s Build Europe Together" has taken place at Srednja škola Andrije Ljudevita Adamića in Rijeka, Croatia. Representatives of the other 4 European schools involved have met the coordinator Prof. Giovanni Santoro and all teachers involved in the project, to check the final products, the results to be published and draft the final report.

15th of July, Monday
The arrival of the participants in Rijeka that warmly welcomed by the Croatian teachers.

16th of July, Tuesday
On Tuesday, after visiting the school and meeting the schoolmaster and the school staff, the international team has carried out a final evaluation of the project comparing the main objectives and the goals achieved, not only in terms of knowledge, skills and competences, but also concerning the awareness students to the EU values, fostering active citizenship and social integration. To this regard all schools have had a positive feedback not only from students but also from their families, from the local community and from other foreign partners. For dissemination purposes of the project agreed to sing songs from each country in Villa Angolina in Opatija, therefore a rehearsal also carried out. An excursion to Istria, has been carried out in the afternoon, with a visit of its historic city of Labin, where also the welcome dinner took place.

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17th of July, Wednesday
On Wednesday a final check has been carried out of the products obtained in the various countries and the final guide for teachers has been completed and reviewed by the international team. The team has also discussed about further possibilities of dissemination activities and sustainability after project end. The Austrian Coordinator has explained how to update budgetary information on the Mobility Tool. The second rehearsal of the concert occurred by the guidance of the music teacher of the Croatian school. After an excursion to the center of Rijeka, which gave the opportunity of discovering the beauty of the region and of learning about the culture of the area, at the afternoon the international team of teachers had an excursion to Kostrena. It was time to explore the beautiful and of wild beauty coast near Rijeka.

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18th of July, Thursday
On Thursday the participants have started work on the final report and in the afternoon they have visited Opatia and Moscenicka Draga. The partners had a concert in front of Villa Angolina in Opatija with songs of each country in their language in front of representatives of the press, politicians and many tourists for dissemination purposes of the project. Then, they have been introduced to the touristic history and culture of this beautiful town of Opatija.

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19th of July, Friday
At the morning we had a small tour to the fish market and the open market of Rijeka. After buying the local newspaper with the article about the concert and the project, the day continued with the very beautiful cruise that was organized by the Croatian school to the islands of Krk and Cres.

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20th of July, Saturday
On the last day the participants have completed the final report. Then a dissemination conference has taken place, on the occasion of which the feedback of the activities has been reported by the local coordinators after speeches by the general coordinator, the principal of the school. An extraordinary Farewell Dinner has concluded the day and the week and the partners have left on Sunday with the awareness of having lived a unique experience that allowed both teachers and students to open their minds to Europe’s spirit and values in a project of peace and collaboration.

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The Agenda

The Evaluation


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