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Topic: Entrepreneurship, responsible economy and processes of globalization: opportunities and potential conflicts in the EU
Date: 03/03/2019 – 09/03/2019
Hosting school: Aristotelio College (Greece)
Sending schools: Öffentliches Stiftsgymnasium der Benediktiner zu St. Paul (Austria) & IES Joaquin Turina (Spain)

The fifth cross student exchange was hosted by Aristotelio College in Thessaloniki and took place from 03rd to 09th of March 2019.

Sunday, 03rd March 2019
The Austrian and the Spanish team arrived at the airport of Thessaloniki. The hosting families and students picked up their guests-students. The teachers were welcomed by the teachers of Aristotelio College and the Headmaster and the they were transferred to the hotel. The afternoon was a free time for the teachers while the students of the Austrian team who arrived early in the afternoon had the chance for activities with the hosting families.

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Monday, 4th March 2019
First day at Aristotelio College for the guest students who moved to school by the private school buses. Firstly, they were welcomed by the Headmaster and then, according to the agenda that was presented, ice breaking activities took place organized by students and teachers. After, a small break, two very interesting classroom immersions took place by an external educator and the hosting teachers. The first classroom entitled “How to create a Startup Business”, the students were informed about the basic steps of starting a new business and then they were divided into 5 groups of mixed national teams. They had to create their own start up business according to the guidelines. The teams had to present their idea of start up to the judges – teachers and the rest of the groups, while a competition was carried out.

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Later, a second classroom immersion concerned “How to promote a start up business and creative writing” happened. Ideas were given of ways to promote their companies and then a second competition occurred. The day ended with a short workshop of e-twinning. At the afternoon the students had activities with the families.

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Tuesday, 5th March 2019
The morning at school started with the Project presentations of all countries. The topic of the exchanges was reminded and then the work of the countries that were not present was shown first. Then a representative from the Austrian team explained they way that they had worked before their video was shown. The Spanish team presented their presentation with all the team on stage. Finally, the Greek team explained their idea working towards Green Entrepreneurship. It was real worth mentioned that each team approached and analyzed the topic from different point of view.

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Then the students had physical education, when they attended the final game of girls basketball, since some of the hosting students belong to the school basketball team.

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The day ended with a guided tour to the centre of Thessaloniki. They have visited the White Tower, Arc of Galerius, St Sophia, Tsimiski Str, the port of Thessaloniki, the Umbrellas etc.

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Wednesday, 06th March 2019
Wednesday was the day for excursion and visited the very significant monument, protected by Unesco, the area of Meteora with those amazing pillar rocks that stand there for many years. Initially, we saw a presentation about the history of Meteora and then we visited the female monastery of Ag. Stefanos. Later we visited Trikala where we had our lunch and a walk around one of the most innovative cities of Greece.

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Thursday, 7th March 2019
The students and the teachers visited the Town Hall and had a workshop from a representative of General Secretariat for Youth and Europe Direct. The workshop started with a kahoot game of general knowledge about the European Union and then they moved to a presentation of how to start a Green company. The students into teams designed their own green company (wrote a business plan) and presented their idea.

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After the Town Hall, they moved to Aristotelio college where they have an ICT classroom immersion. They learnt how to work with Canva and designed their posters that would promote the companies that have organised on Monday’s classroom.

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At the afternoon the students and the teachers arrived at Diakonia centre where they watched the Opening Ceremony of the Model of United Nations, the opening speeches of the ‘ambassadors’ and they attended the reception of the MUN.

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Friday, 08th March 2019
The Erasmus+ MUN committee operated in a rather unique way,  that strayed from traditional General Assembly (GA) committee process, and encouraged values such as respect and cooperation between delegates. At first, after the mandatory roll call, the delegates were split into five teams (four teams representing a country each and a fifth three-member team which would later function as a judge panel). After that, the chairs handed out papers to each team, in which the delegates would find information on ten start-up companies of their respective country. Then, each team was asked to choose one of the aforementioned start-ups, create a brand new product, and present it to the rest of the delegates. Once all start-ups presented their work, the judge panel had to announce the final verdict. The winner turned out to be "MYGRANTS" with their application "Easy Asylum", which was described by the judges as "innovative and helpful to humanity". Committee work was then adjourned, and the chairs gave the awards for "Best Delegate", "Future Diplomat" as well as an "Honourable Mention".

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After the end of the committee the dissemination event took place in front of the HeadMaster, teachers of the school, parents but also other advisors of the English language. The review video of the week presented photos from the week and a summary of the events, while emotional moments spread out the theatre room. At night the Farewell event in a restaurant of the famous area of Ladadika occurred among the teachers and the Headmaster.

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Saturday, 9th March 2019 & Sunday 10th March 2019
A fruitful week came to end and it was the time for the guest students and teachers to departure. The airport was full of hugs, a lot of laughing but also flood of tears came out from their faces. Promises to keep in touch were made and strong friendships were born due to the Erasmus+ program.

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The Agenda


The Evaluation (Students, Teachers, Parents)


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